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The Emergence of the Fruit Bouquet Concept

Fresh fruit bouquets are in really high demand lately. Not just because they promote good and healthy lifestyles, but they are also very affordable. Buying a fruit bouquet is not that tough to do for there are various businesses nowadays who already offer these. Most specialize in the creation of edible bouquets made up of fruits.

To give someone a fruit bouquet can be really rewarding and it is a satisfying experience as well for the recipient. It is actually a new and healthy way to say “I care for you” or “I love you”.

To come up with your own fruit bouquets is not that hard, since all you need would be lots of fruits, a few kitchen tools, some baskets, and floral foam. If you are hesitant with how you will come about with the bouquet, then you can surely find lots of guides and articles over the Internet.

A Gift for All Occasions

For any important event or occasion in our lives, it is not always possible to easily rush to the florist or even find a nearby store which can prepare a beautiful flower arrangement that would serve as your gift to give. Sometimes the problem does not even lie in finding gifts like these.

Fruit BouquetsMore stress comes with the costs of these usual flower arrangements, since they charge high due to the expenses made in preparation and the delivery. In these days of harsh economic times, we cannot deny that almost all of us want to settle for what is cheap and economical.

In fact, when you search the market today, there are pre-made or prepared gift basket ideas that you can find. Among these great gift ideas is the fruit bouquet. This is really a lot more modern than the usual flower bouquets since fruit bouquets can actually be enjoyed by a lot more people, not just women. A lot of men and children have shown to be quite fond of fruit bouquets, which is a great advantage over giving the flower type.

If you are a recipient of this yourself, you will surely love the idea and the thought behind the gift, and who knows? Maybe you will also be encouraged to give the same kind of gift to others.

Trying Your Best to Make Your Own Fruit Bouquet

The whole activity of making your own fruit bouquets can be fun and challenging at the same time. This is an activity that you can enjoy with your family as a bonding activity or maybe make it an earning activity. This is especially true for housewives who would really appreciate being able to earn extra and possibly expand in time into a bigger business venture.

Fruits, of course, would be your primary ingredient in making the bouquets. Your assortment of fruits would then be cut, chopped and shaped without being too damaged. For example, melons and apples are more durable and easy to shape compared to bananas that are not so easy to mold. You can also add some greens such as parsley or lettuce to come up with a refreshing look as if it came straight from the garden.

Of course to be able to do this you will need to have some tools like bamboo skewers. You will also need to have the floral foam because this is where you will stick the skewers. With a sharp knife and a dash of your creativity, you will be able to have fun and frivol all throughout the entire process. A vase or a basket is what you will need to place all the fruit assortments with designs. This is the exact place where you will arrange your edible fruit bouquet. For added embellishments, you can add some toys, chocolate, cut outs, or even wine to top it all off.

Defining the Fruit Bouquet

fruit bouquetsThe typical fruit bouquet is a group of arranged whole fruits that are cut and designed to look like a wonderful display of flowers. It can even be used as edible table decorations and they can be given during any occasion, whether it is the holidays, a birthday or any other event. It is even possible for anyone to be able to create a fruit bouquet at home. Or if you do not have the time but you have the right budget, you can place an order for these from various catering companies which specialize in these kind of arrangements.

These fruit bouquets can also be often seen in kits in a few grocery stores and they are numerous in number especially when it is the holiday season. In an average looking fruit bouquet, various pieces of fruits are cut and stuck altogether while using skewers so that all of them would appear as if they are flowers. For instance, pineapple rings can be cut into flowery shapes with melon balls while placing some strawberries right at the center of each flower. Added garnish like parsley can be cut into a certain depth or probably serve as background display along with tinier pieces of cut fruit.

These are usually arranged in a vase or maybe a bowl with some piece of Styrofoam right at the bottom to hold all the skewers in place. Others may utilize another fruit piece like the cantaloupe to serve as a container to hold steady the bouquet and then stick the skewers into each side of the fruit. The fruit bouquet may then be decorated with some ribbons, other edible garnishes and some edible gold and silver leaves.

No matter how many fruits are placed in a bouquet it will work out well; in fact, the more, the merrier. A lot of catering companies utilize a wide range of fruits to be able to achieve a wide variety of colors to make it more appealing. It is also possible to come up with themed fruit bouquets. For example, you would want to come up with a tropical arrangement which would of course include mangoes, coconuts, passion fruits, star fruits, papayas and so on and so forth. Serving as a general rule in making these fruit bouquets, the firm types of fruits can be skinned easily or maybe deseeded. These are the fruits that are very easy to arrange in an entire fruit bouquet while the softer types of fruits would pose a greater challenge and require a higher amount of expertise.

When you compare it to a regular fruit basket, the fruit bouquet is considered more perishable. The fruits can stay looking fresh and firm as much as possible if you dip them in acidulated water or maybe dress them in lemon juice. This will slow the browning of the fruits caused by the air but of course the entire bouquet would look at its best within a couple of hours after being assembled. This is an edible decoration that should be eaten quickly since the fruit would start turning brown, dry out and end up looking unpleasant.